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India's Maoist Insurgent War Drags On, Claims more Lives


India’s Maoist insurgent war continues unabated, fueled by the grinding poverty that grips hundreds of millions of Indians and New Delhi’s lack of urgency in quelling the militants or in fixing the problems that fuel the guerrilla war.


As November, 2013 draws to a close, Maoist guerrillas attacked and killed three Indian railroad policemen in the northern state of Bihar.


This long-running conflict traces it’s origins to the Naxalite Communist uprising of 1967, which was crushed by government forces, but turned into a decades-long guerrilla war as the surviving communist rebels took to the forests and hills to continue their campaign against the government.




For more information on this conflict, consult http://www.historyguy.com/india_maoist_insurgent_war.htm



Indian Maoist Troops

Indian Maoist Troops


Maoist Rebels Attack Indian Forces


At least 22 troops were killed when armed Maoists attacked a camp of the paramilitary forces in India’s West Bengal state on Feb. 15, 2010.

Nearly 50 rebels on motorcycles encircled the camp of the Eastern Frontier Rifles (ERF) at Silda village on Monday and started firing on it.

More fighters joined the assault on foot, firing from automatic weapons.

More than 6,000 people have died during the rebels’ 20-year fight for communist rule in many Indian states.

The Indian government recently began a major offensive against the rebels in several states.

Indian Prime minister Manmohan Singh has described the Maoist insurgency as India’s “greatest internal security challenge”.

The Maoist rebels now have a presence in 223 of India’s 600 or so¬†districts.